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Jan 23
I like it when you wear yellow
It makes it easy to see the
sun embracing your skin and
Allowing your melanin to drip gold,
From your head to your feet
Your steps leak rainbow
And paint canvases of different colors and shade
You make your way to shine
The corridors of your surroundings
As if God himself place his lamps
Unto your feet
You carry yourself higher than any standard
A bonafide version of simplicity
But this could never surpass your understanding
Your mirror became the boogeyman, you
Think if you look to much you’ll become what you see
You fail to realize how bent your shoulder
Looks from all the insecurities
that your Spine failed to carry
By any means
Still cracked that cocoon
And shine again
Bright as the moon
And you’ll fly
High as the bright yellow star

But try not to fall
Like a falling star
Try not to bend
Like a dropping rose
Try not to keep your head down
Like an army waving the white flag
Embrace the waves like the fish in the deep
And walk straight like your mama taught you
Maybe to me yellow shine on you the most
But, all the colors of the rainbow
Make your melanin drip gold
From your head to your toes
You wear the sun as your cape
You are modesty
Which is how
You shine the corridors of your surroundings
As if God himself place his lamp unto your feet
Written by
Clair  23/F
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