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Jan 22

Trigger Warning- contains self harm

I hate to think that I've caused so much pain
To my poor family when I slit at my vien

I had so much anger and sadness and grief
To be stuck in my ways and not turn the leaf

As I cry myself to sleep each and every night
I had so much little in me to fight

Constantly tired of feeling this way
And feeling like dying every **** day

Hating my self with all of my passion
From my head to my toes, to my hair to my fashion

Feeling worthless with nowhere to belong
A sunny day in which I would long

Yet it was constant storm and frost everyday
And cut after cut because I thought I needed to pay

For the damage I've done and broke in my path
What I felt for myself was such strong wrath

And that's how I felt not so long ago
It was **** and pain, my self esteem low

But trust me, dear
You can continue from here

And move on today
Instead of this hate where you stay

For I have survived
After this war, I am still alive

So what I'm saying is that your story cannot end
These broken pieces of yours, they can still be mend.
This is an incredibly raw poem that I didn't think I'd post.
Written by
Mohannie  16/F
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