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Jan 22
A mother watched
Her son play games
He ran around.
She said ‘Son sit down,
And let me tell you
A bit bout life
And what is true
You wont need it now.
When you are older
You’ll find more friends
You’ll pack you bags
You’ll go to school’.
The little boy
Looked up with drool
She wiped it off
Then told her babe;
‘My son you’ll find
A wife for you.
And in your troubles,
She’ll help you too.
She’ll wipe your tears
Together you’ll last
You live together
And have a past.
Never forget my son
To live your life
but when all is done
Be a man.
Take care of kids
And help them grow
Never take
What you haven’t sown.
Don’t worry about money
Because in the end
The greatest gift
Is time with them.
I love you my boy
Don’t ever forget
And when I pass
I’ll say God I’ve met.
I’ll look down on you
From up above
I’ll smile down
And share my love.’
The baby boy
Fell fast asleep
So then She sighed
And had thoughts deep
She ran her hands
Over her bald head
Then looked at her son
And smiled instead
Matthew Orellana
Written by
Matthew Orellana  15/M/NY, NY
(15/M/NY, NY)   
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