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Jan 22
this empire, a tragedy
i have built an empire
under a million rules extended by thousand people
under my protection

blood runs off my hands
my hands clad in gold rings
gold rings clad in chain link and regret

i am fearless
i was fear
he is nothing
he was powerful
we were kings
i am god
but we thought vice versa

bruised knuckles that bleed ambrosia
my gore to feed the deities of long time gone
i remember what it felt like the first time
a million lives ago they ripped me apart
they fed off my insides

before becoming god he was a king
and before that a beggar child
weak, beaten on the street screaming
he screamed until his throat bled
remember that the one you crowned once lay at your feet
and while he lay there he threw up blood and choked on tears
one day you will be the one begging him for mercy
your tears on his sword

poor thing
banished from your own kingdom
no longer next to the highest in power
poor, poor thing
you are no longer welcome here

the old gods took the form of wolves
the took their apprentice to the woods
they ran
they burned their lungs with cold air
they ran
they attacked him from behind
they ran
they ate his flesh and drink his blood
they ran
they rebirthed him into an emperor
they ran
they promised to speak to and through him
the old gods no longer take form

in he dug his dagger
down into his wrists and thighs
down into his stomach
he painted his silver pale skin
with his own blood
he tugged open his lips to lap up the ichor
he ripped out his human teeth with claws
in place grew in wolf teeth and fangs
his wounds healed over with fur
all human left of him now, his eyes
still blue

little red riding hood
no longer loved by god
god just as vicious as a wolf
empires ruled by gods
ruled by wolves

***** went a rope
***** went a gun
***** went the thunder
one died one his own
two died in a fight
no one died in the storm
only wept
a fanged inhuman hung from the stairwell
two boys lay dead in the street in the wake of a lovers quarrel
two funerals held in the same hall
buried in the same storm
only two funerals, only two dead
he killed me twice
Written by
cupid  14/M/le altre terre
(14/M/le altre terre)   
     Bad Apollo, AS and Arianna
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