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Jan 22
it rises in me like a quiet tide like a
rushing, swelling feeling that sets me
fit to burst that fills me up and wells out from
underneath my ribs and spills right over into
my lungs and drowns my heart in its
siren call of violence and
in this moment i find that

i cannot fight it

because in this moment, they deserve the anger
they deserve the blood

and yet, they also deserve

and so i
rage and fury and frustration that builds with the red hot taste of a million suns
that fills my gums and worms it's way under the beds of my nails, slides through my skin and twists it's way around my heart
hardening it
giving me teeth and claws and skin of iron and the courage to run run run and then i can


i will rip into their bodies with words like knives
teeth that tear and rip and shred
i will bite their bones until they break
lodge my claws deep in their lungs
pull out their hearts and i will eat them

i am hungry
so so hungry

and now these men and their hearts-of-war
their fat coin purses with strings pulled tight

they have fallen to the beast

the one that they created

raised to be their downfall

(they have eaten my own flesh, drunk the marrow from my bones and watched me eat from the palms of their hands while i bled out

and so now i will devour their bodies
feast on their meat as they did on mine)

and so i will slink away into the shadows
i will draw back in my claws and teeth
hide my hard heart and shining steelskin
and put on the mask to hide my ravenous eyes

but i will be back
my hunger is never slaked, my belly never full
i will gorge on the hearts of those
who thought i would never come for them

i am the creature
i am the war
i am hunger

in the end
am anger

and i

we children have lead our lives on diets of all too familiar post apocalyptica and the feeling of rage burning hot through our stomachs, magma at our cores. one day, we will erupt.
Kit Scott
Written by
Kit Scott  14/Non-binary/Edinburgh, Scotland
(14/Non-binary/Edinburgh, Scotland)   
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