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Jan 22
If someone were to ask me "describe falling in love", I would say

Falling in love starts with

Awkward silences that fill the room around you

Nervous gazes that are filled with curiosity

Conversations that turn into fingertips

and hands that warm my souls skin

It’s the feeling of the hard floor against your spine

And hands tangled in your hair

Eyes connecting for the first time

until you get lost

with no intention of finding your way back

Its the the feeling of lips grazing your ears

and wanting to drown in the

moans that flood the room

Falling in love is

Blankets on the floor

Tangled legs

kisses soft and gentle

until clothes end up getting lost somewhere

and the floor is burned into my back

Hips molding into mine

And your laugh that will always

vibrate across my lips

Falling in love

is the feeling of being in a bookstore

sitting across the table from you

and you told me to pick out a book

I want to reach over and whisper to you

We could go to every book store

And buy every book

And all of those pages and  words

could never encompass  

the feeling of being in love with you

It’s the feeling of late night car rides

and Christmas lights

As you pulled over

To watch me stare at the lights

you ask me to describe the

lights to you the way I see them

And I want to lean over and say

The lights do not hold the same

magic as being in this moment with you.

Falling in love is

the aroma of chocolate chip cookies

Friday nights curled on the couch that turn into

soft Saturday mornings,

forehead kisses and

finally having that morning coffee

with you in bed.

I realized I could never describe to someone

what falling in love is like

if I were to try and explain

what it was like to fall in love with you

I know that they would be heartbroken too.
Written by
Kristine  26/F/Michigan
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