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Jan 21
I can lie here..




    Regression to the
    Fetal position.

    Like some sort of child.



          Hoping someone saves
                     But no one will.

I've suffered many dreams about you.

           I've endured a lot of
           torment for you.

     I've felt the phantom pain.





   ­       Meaningless.


How could you allow yourself to become a ***** to the pain?
I needed you and you were no longer there for me.

   He needed you, dear.
      And you let him perish.
          He will always express.

             Because he believed
             you deserved care.

But I presume you didn't think the same about him.

        Or at least..
        It looks that way to him.
        He doesn't really know,
        to be honest.

Yet you come back and notice my distress.

And put me into conflict once more.

How am I supposed to feel?

My left trapezius hurts.
My heart is surrounded by darkness.
My soul cries out in agony.
My spirit surrounds me and protects me
in ethereal might.

I'm in ruins.
And it's like you don't care.
It really hurts tonight. Yet I'm thankful I can feel now. Spent a few hours very numb.
Deadwood Jawn
Written by
Deadwood Jawn  21/M/Birmingham U.K.
(21/M/Birmingham U.K.)   
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