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Jan 2019
I’ve never been the best at trusting others
I’ve never had the friends to lean on when times got hard
I’ve never had the experience of breaking down in front of someone
I’ve never had my own words that I could translate my thoughts
I’ve never been one to voice his opinion
I’ve never had the beautiful girl that was there for me to discover who I truly am;
to shed my armour and bear my heart
I’ve never had the inclination of who I am as a person and still doubt I know anything at all
I’ve never been one to bear such thoughts to the light of day
I’ve never been one to bear about the dark thoughts brought about by my own philosophy or by the thoughts of just ending it
I’ve never been one to confide in others
I've never been one to admit the dark days out weigh the good like the sun outshines the dismal light of an atom
I’m not the one to voice his complaints about the world around him
I’m the one that hates the person he sees in the mirror
I’m the one to fail to speak when everything is too much
I’m the one shattered behind locked doors
I'm the one that locked their heart away with iron bars, too afraid to let it become the leader
I’m the one screaming at top of his lungs in the middle of space
I'm the one with no voice to sing his future sons and daughters lullabies
I’m the one sobbing in an ocean of untold pain and agony
I’m the one that cant let himself cry in front of people as it feels like a sign of weakness, fearing of pity
I'm the one standing tall while I'm falling into a bottomless pit
I’m the one too depressed to love someone
I'm the one with too cold feet to tell someone how I feel
I'm the one with too cold fingers to hold their hand
I’m the one too weak to want to go on
But I’m one with no weapons, just a lot of ammunition
I’m the one choosing to unload it all into ****** verse to try and make sense of why I’m still here
I’m the one living in a world of disaster and hatred
And I am going to be the one who chooses to live in the world as a force for hatred to threatened by
For disaster to cower
I’m the one choosing to bear the worst of me and become better all for it
I'll show the best in me
I’m sorry to those I wrong
but I’m thankful for the lives I am a part of
And that’s why I can finally sleep at night
Because I am free and I can thrive and I can live
And I’m just happy I got to be a part of this so-called life
I’m the one always thinks of the way out
I’m just the one that chooses to live
DJ Bubbles
Written by
DJ Bubbles  21/M
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