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Jan 21
Night after night it was easy to see
Sunny days turn to stormy nights with ease
In the shadows of my pupils was the devil inside of me
Long narrow horns and a snake tongue
came through his teeth
The same dreadful thoughts running in circles with speed
The same demons playing freeze tag with 10 teams
My jaw almost broken from endlessly grinding my teeth
Only a couple words come out I can barely speak
This has happened before but I could’ve swore I had you beat
I knew you would come back for me why does it have to be this week
The eruption in my eyes red is all I see
When will I die ? why do bad things always only happen to me ?
Will I live a long life ? why are things never as they seem ?
I swear I loved her but why couldn’t she just love me ?
Why are you in my head but your the only one who understands me ?
My friends just laughed and continued to drink
While he was in my brain pushing me to the brink
Insanity called my name for a while I didn’t want to breathe
He gave me a strength that now can’t recede
Beating times like those my mind now stronger than Hercules
Now all my angels can finally Rest In Peace
In the shadow of the pupil of my eyes he resides and sleeps
Who would’ve known my best friend would become the devil inside of me ..
                                                Love, AP
Fighting demons only to love them in the end.. kinda song like.
Adrian Holt-Byrd AP
Written by
Adrian Holt-Byrd AP  20/M/Indiana , US
(20/M/Indiana , US)   
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