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Jan 2019
I pray to you
Cause truly i don’t know what else to do
The devils a liar
But I am a fighter
Fighting for your kingdom
Fighting for things that are higher
If you are willing
Hear me out
My baby sis is thristy
She’s in a drought
I pray for living water to flow
Fill her up so she can hurt no more
She needs you
I need you
We need you
Reveal yourself to her
She needs to see you
See who you truly are
Look at my hands
Don’t you see the scars
Death has lost its sting
With you is where we need to be
Jesus come back and finish the story
Life without you is really boring
I will fight till there ain’t nothin left
They did not repent of their murders
Or their sorceries
Or their ****** immorality
Or their thefts
Don’t they know
That the blood can make them clean
Believe in me and I’ll give you life
Written by
Ariel Neves
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