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Jan 21
Stop saying you love me
or telling me
I'm the only man
you've ever loved.
Stop holding my hand
while standing
on the edge of a cliff
and whispering
that you're falling for me
every time
you look at my eyes.
Don't even tell me
you can jump off the clouds
and swim the vast, dark sky
just to find me
whenever I'm losing
my own self.

write me poems,
much like how
I've written hundreds for you.
Make me poetry.
Let me be the subject
and imagery of your words.
Write my name
within the stanzas
and lines of your pieces.
Mark your kisses
between a simile
and a hyperbole.
Love me like you can build
a library
inside your heart.
Scribble my existence
like an everlasting art.

Darling, love me poetically.
Let me turn into a poetry.
Let me turn into your poetry,
like how you've become one.
Written by
Blckstr  18/M
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