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Jan 20
' It is winter now!' cried the Doppelgangers

a withering wind cut their faces, shaping their features till they replicated the human.

As they emerged from the wilderness of antiquity they went their separate ways armed with the seed of iniquity.

One hundred beasts of the Anti-Christ set out in a deadly march to the homes of their identical faces. The first of the many to come. A vanguard from the vaults of hell eager to settle the Earth.

One hundred humans awakened from a nightmare and stifled their screams as each saw a living reflection at the foot of their beds.
In the same instant a hand was placed upon them and the intake of breath from the beast inhaled their very being until nothing remained except the doppelgänger.

Each night for thousands of nights to come the Doppelgangers came and settled into humanity sowing the seeds of destruction and made their way across the globe, across all the political and religious divides ensuring the wars would continue and the blood would shed and hatred would find its place.

Finally it happened by stealth layered upon stealth that the human was extinguished and hell reigned on the Earth.

The Doppelgängers waged war upon each other taking pride in the traditions of the human and in their blood lust remembered the pithy religions they had cast aside. The religions of division which had become tribal and adversarial pitting man against man.

The Doppelgangers laughed and held reign on the Earth.

Thus it became and thus it would always be.
Harriet Cleve
Written by
Harriet Cleve
   v V v and Perry
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