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Jan 20
Try to think, to make the words come from a place they don't exist.
Try to go within and find something that's special.
Where the trees line up.
Where the blow from the wind is true from within
It's nothing anyone can do to stop you from telling your truth.
For feeling how you do.
How do you feel?
What's on your mind?
Who are you thinking of?
Why do you even care?
Who will be there when your voice finally, finally wake up and speak?
Will, there be someone to greet you in the morning and to lay down with you at night?
Will, there be someone to help you to conquer your fear? When you need someone near and dear.
Well, I don't know the answer to those question.
But I know for myself what I've experienced so far.
I've seen a baby born. I've seen a family torn. I've seen the pain and the anguish and fear. I felt the love of a mother toward her son. I've been my father's pride and his shame. Yet I proudly carry his name.
I've been rich, I've been poor.
I've opened and closed the door.
I went in, I went out.
I've gotten up from being down, I've gotten down from being up.
I've seen birds fly, I've heard them sing. I don't even know what it means.
But I still hope, that one day I'll see the King. Sitting on his throne, and saying to me β€œWelcome home β€œI've been with you all alone.
I've been with you when you never knew, that I was you.
I am your King, I am your salvation, I am your meditation.
I am your situation. I am the truth.
I am the thought that led you to where you are.
I am your Car. I will carry you there just the way you are.
When you get there you will be changed.
Don't worry about what you will say.
Because I'll give that to you on that day.
So rest in peace. And be born again my friend. Because I am you from within.
Freestyle Meditation words from alchemy. 1820 Leonardo Shepherd author
Leonardo Shepherd
Written by
Leonardo Shepherd  49/M/America
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