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Jan 19
....I need to write this down
I need a pen, no, I need a book
I don't need anything at all
                               I need to think
   I made my life a poem, a novel
   Or nothing at all; Impossible

                               I need to write
How to enjoy my life
Standing on a sharp edge of the knife
So I wrote;
                I drew a straight chronoLINE
On its sides I drew buildings
A city in my psyche, prosper and grow

I wasn't much of a reader
So I read to write
So whenever I think, I think Gibran
On life, smiles and tears
Way over my league but I try

But, when I linger and cry
Poe's raven cawed 'Nevermore'
And when I am depressed
I feel..laying on Anne Sexton's grass of blades
But I..remember other's changing words like Daniel Moore's

Whenever I feel HAPPY
I become the king, the stone
Of R.L.Stevenson and Dickinson
So I read and write
        Sweep and rinse; making sense??

When I wander I wander with Whiteman to be inspired
And inspire others with my writings
As I am inspired

I need to write Yeats
So whenever I write, while I am sleepy
I write my tender dreams
Written by
M-E  27/M/Morocco
       sue, Logan Robertson, JaxSpade, XyL0S, --- and 9 others
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