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Jan 2019
Heart containers are Red. Rupees are blue. Actually now that I think about it, some rupees are red, green or even silver!
I should have used a better analogy.

ANYWAYS; I’ll take you away more than Gannondorf ever did. Just ride Epona with me, right through the wind.

We can visit princess Ruto in Zoras domain. Though it might take awhile to get there, And it may rain. But I’ll keep you safe as long as I have Eponas reigns.

But if water doesn’t suit your fancy, that’s no strain to me. We can go visit the Great Deku Tree, or even my hometown or Kokiri.

But if you’re getting cold, or simply just feeling adventurous; I’ll take you to see the Gorons on death mountain. We can adventure freely through the caves until the light grows dim and we have to stop playing.

We can rest up at Kakiriko Village, spend a night at the inn. And maybe the next day I’ll take you to Lon Lon Ranch, to pet animals and play a game.

Oops, sorry, I realize now I’ve gotten terribly off track! As much as I’d LOVE to go on all these adventures with you, there’s one thing I forgot to ask!

Will you be the Zelda to my Link?
It’s dangerous to go alone, so here, take me ❤️

(I have enough heart containers + potions for the both of us )
Written by
HaleyBoo  Narnia
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