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Jan 18
My hand touches yours against my will,
And your soft touch sends fireworks through my body.
My elbow just habitually knocks into you
When we’re laughing together,
And I don’t know how to make it stop.
I’ve stared at you enough,
My eyes blocking out every other person in the room,
To know your mannerisms,
The way you glance at your watch frequently,
The way you tap your foot when you’re nervous,
The way you run your hand through your hair.
My whole insides jump when you say my name,
And every time we lock eyes I have to remind myself to breathe.
But I’m scared that my love for you is too great.
What if I’m coming on too strong?
I feel like you should be terrified of my love,
Because sometimes it crashes like tsunamis,
And sometimes it howls like a sandstorm.
It can sink ships,
And destroy dynasties.
It could destroy us.
I just want you to be aware of that so if
I do come on too strong
You know I’m just terrified of losing you.
I think this is kind of cliche, but sometimes us poets have to be cliche before we can find our voice.
Written by
Lily  16/F/MI
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