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Jan 18
Sometimes, I want
to be broken with someone –
someone I can be with
as I watch every single star
pass out in the night sky.
I want someone
I can share my sadness with
as she shares hers.
I want to be alone with someone –
someone I can be lonely with
as I wait for the sun
to set by the sea,
romanticizing every
broken memory
that still stays
in my heart.
I know that my heart
has already been broken,
but I would love
to be much more broken,
knowing that there's someone
who's been broken as I am.
I would love
to hear someone say,
"Let's break ourselves
until we can't be broken anymore."
"Let's break ourselves
until no one
would no longer dare
to break us
into smallest
and weakest
version of ourselves."
It's quite crazy
to want something like this;
but I would definitely love
to have someone
I can show how broken I am –
someone I can be lonely with –
someone I can be  broken with,
as we both feel
the beat of brokenness
and emptiness,
but would not dare
to complete each other;
because sometimes,
and emptiness
can make us feel whole.
Written by
Blckstr  18/M
       Em MacKenzie and avill
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