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Jan 23
You told me not to trust the Darkness
But you never told me why
Then all the sudden you were gone
And you left me there to lie
But the Darkness came to comfort me
It held me while I cried
It whispered secrets in my ear
And told me how you lied
The Darkness said you were once its friend
Much like it is now mine
But then you pushed it far away
A clear and simple sign
What you did it hurt the Darkness
You made it hide and cry
You almost made it wilt away
You almost made it die
But the Darkness said I could help
I could be the key
All I need is to **** you
And take your final plea
And now's the day I found you at last
And there is nothing you can do
You told me not to trust the Darkness
But now I don't trust you
Written by
Isabel  F
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