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Jan 16
Please stop
burying your heart
in the graveyard
of a melancholic art –
depicting an image
of a burning sky.
Stop the turmoil
of your shaking ground.
You’re not bound
to suffer in the depths
of your own haunted sound.
It’s not a notable music to keep.
You don’t have to weep
as you watch
your flowers wither
one after another.
Darling, plant new ones
or let the stars
bloom in your garden.
You don’t have to meander
through the valley
of melancholy
just to let every single night
pass by –
as if you’re living
just to survive.
Darling, that is not how life
should be lived.
You don’t have to lie
on your bed all day,
making yourself believe
that you’re a sobbing corpse
inside your coffin.
Darling, you’re alive,
and if you’re telling me
that you’re long dead,
let your eyes
wander the night sky.
Maybe along the constellations
of a thousand stars,
you’ll find life –
you’ll find your life;
because darling, I did,
and now,  I’m trying to revive mine.
Written by
Blckstr  18/M
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