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Jan 16
I set my legs forward on this dirt path, aimed by love
I sense it in the air, I feel it in my body as my heart beats rhyme.
I see the path ahead of me, and I flap my arms in glee as a dove.
But hastily now! I mustn’t miss it, make it in time!
For it is not for the casual man, this is a Chase!
The path to it is Curvy, many uphill and downhill no chance to be slick!
No branches nor shortcuts have made themselves visible, it is at the same pace.
Though your legs are weak as your Heart is, and they wobble but be quick!
Look down every so often, your head drifts to the stars that smother.
But, when you get to the end of this trail, it will all turn out into a blessing!
Just be sure to be careful of others.
For lose not sight, if you see another Maiden another path forms seemingly more pressing.
Look down it, the hill will block your view. And sadness paves it, but maybe only for a while in.
Look down at your feet, is the path you follow now bluer? More corrupted, is this a sin?

For if far down the path, it is hard to turn back and seek another bad adventure of
Maidens and Lies, Games and Aims. But hug the maiden at the end, she is of a lovely kin.
You made it
A poem I made early on in my relationship, about love and the chase that it is. I chased it, but never really got an end product. [Shakespearean Sonnet with an A G Ending Couplet and line]
Austin Draper
Written by
Austin Draper  16/M/Utah, United States
(16/M/Utah, United States)   
     TeddyBear, Fawn, Lot, Perry and Sehar
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