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Jan 15
Everything I've tried but I've always failed,
Judging myself through all these strange eyes,
I can't stand I don't talk I've lost my voice,
But I will bear this dispair;
Rage pumping up my vein it's
Left alone lost my phone outta zone,
Can't contact feels detached,
Ain't no one to help I know I'm on my own,
Though I'll try I won't cry;
Searching known faces in this rain it's
Feeling hungry but I know I've got no money,
Empty jars empty drawers no refrigerator,
Feeling faint it's all same since I lost my mater,
Stealing food, raw or stewed;
Getting caught up in this chain it's
No motivation not literate no education,
Not employed jobless life feels like vacation,
Jobs interviews but no news so disappointed,
There's no earning empty wallet empty pocket,
Lost identification left with hesitation;
Can't survive financial drain it's
At the end I got nothing to say,
Choose your path walk along make your way,
Give your best your hardwork will pay,
Don't lose it don't you ever give up;
My life's over but don't get caught up in my stain it's
It's PAIN living through all your hardships but that's life, have no regrets.
Hope y'all like this one
Written by
Sumedh  17/M
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