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Jan 15
I am a mellow song
that’s used to silently hiding
somewhere between
the lines of a tragic poetry;
but sometimes,
I become a messed up sound,
and all of the serene rhythms
of my metaphors
get thunderous
and clangorous;
because sometimes,
my fear and my own horrible phantasm
get fused and turn into a deafening music
or a destructive earthquake
that even I can’t handle by myself.
All of the horrible heat
from the deepest part
of my heart
gets rising until
it comes out of my mouth.
I shout loud
at the solemn sky,
but sometimes at people.
This is where I hurt people.
Sometimes, everyone
reminds me of the ghosts
that haunt me every night,
so the sharpest words
slip out of my tongue
like a magma
that turns into lava
and wounds others’ hearts.
My own heart
shakes until it creates
a tragedy
or a catastrophe
for everybody.
Sometimes, everyone
reminds me of the death-like voices
that keep reverberating in my head,
and keep making me feel dead,
so I can’t stop myself hurting them
just to make me feel relieved.
I forget that my own emotional eruption
is a dangerous destruction.

To everyone
I have ever encountered in my life,
I’m sorry if I ever did hurt you
when I was breaking inside.
Written by
Blckstr  18/M
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