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Jan 15
this is the three seconds
before the floor breakd
and i'm pulled into the hurricane
of every thought inside my head

my head and my heart is at
war before i can call your name
but i think that
maybe this is ok
because now i have a 200 page poetry book
with your name written on every page
and the story of us written in ink
but i'm bleeding because the paper
cut into my skin a little too deep
and the words tore into my heart

i was too late to love you and
admit to you that you were the one
thing i have yet to give up on
but now my heart is only bleeding
on the edges of the words
"i don't love you"

now the three seconds are up
and suddenly i'm thrown into the hurrican my mind has created
in hopes to win against
the force of my heart
Written by
shatteredpoet  17
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