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Jan 2019
You could have smiled
but you did not
You could have laughed
but you did not
So now we are at this point in life in which we are stuck
Yes..... us
It was the thought of us making it further
It could have been a mistake
No...... it was a mistake
But in a way I suppose we are not to blame for this
You could not have known
And I could not have told you
I could not have showed you
Even if I tried
I don't blame you
I blame I

You tried to help me
I did not listen
I was to stubborn to heed you're call
The harder you tried
The further I'd fall
I don't want to fight
I suppose I surrender
So in this letter
Return to sender
But when you do
Remember that I
Do not blame you
I blame I

So I guess this road some way now end's
A lot of twist and turn's around the bend
I hope I find what I'm reaching for the way that it is in my mind
I hope you love and love no more
And do it the best you can
And in that sound the 5:30 bell
there's a train at the station
The whistle has wailed
Darling I loved you
Boy how I tried
I do not blame you
I blame I
Just figured what the heck nothing better to do
Written by
E  After Life
(After Life)   
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