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Jan 13
I once found
the most devastating storm
inside my head.
My thoughts were flooded
by murky memories
I could never forget.
I was drowned;
and it felt like
not even a single person
was there for me –
to save me
from drowning,
so I just let and kept
myself sinking
in the deepest depth,
giving up
and not trying my best
to survive.
“I’ve never been alive, anyway,”
words I inscribed in my heart.
I let the cold shadows
of loneliness outrage within me.
I drowned my own self;
And then, I found someone
who sought for help,
drowned by her thoughts,
fighting with her ghosts,
dissociating herself
from the storm
that kept her suffering.
We were both underwater,
barely breathing,
both drowning;
but she kept on fighting
While I already gave up.
That was the moment
I realized that the storm
I used to call so
turned into the person
I had been.
“I myself was the storm
that drowned me intensely.”
Thanks to that someone
I met in the same water
I had had drowned in.
She made me realize one thing.
“Some are dying to live.
Why am I even living to die?”
And thanks to her
because I had realized
that we could not survive
if we would not do
something for own survival.
Everybody can help us,
but we are the only ones
who can save ourselves
from our own storm,
especially if the storm is us.
Written by
Blckstr  18/M
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