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Jan 13
In 1981 in Germany was I
On a train to Frankfurt
Across from a man I did spy
He was an old man of German sort
That saw my English face
And then he did retort β€œEnglisch”
He saw on my face every English trace
And with hatred did make his demand
I could tell by his eyes
It was no surprise that his loyalty
Lay with Herr ******, Der Furhrer
Uncomfortably I sat, a thought I begat
That this man might take things a bit further
But then I did know that he was too old
And the war was for him not quite over
So I sat in my seat, tried looking bold
Into the hauptbanhof did we pull
The Old German did exit the host
He forgot that his dear leader was null
I sat in my seat with teenaged wonder
And remembered we’d torn them asunder
As I’ve aged like a man
Every chance that I can
I remember the English thunder
Written by
Scott  M/Las Montanas
(M/Las Montanas)   
   Fawn and Scott
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