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Jan 13
You know,
I want to fall in love
Have sth to hold on
Like actually feel
for somebody else I guess

Be a part of something,
a part of someone,
and share...

Give and get.

Have heart beats in sync.

You know,
Like live in a kind of utopia.
Maybe sometimes suffer on the way,
but only to see us heal.
Beautifully and Wholly
Together. Always.

I want to have memories to laugh at;
eyes to look at;
and a familiar tinge to remember-
every time the air prances into my curls.

I want that ******; that caress;
Feel completely moved  from within
and realize ,
what I'd been missing out on
all this time.

I fancy being the person
who can laugh alone by mere reminiscence.
Gaze at a profile for years
and still not loose the fondness

The adrenaline rush,
The vulnerability,
The addiction,
The susceptibility,
The endearment....
thats what I crave.

You know,
It doesn't have to be the right person
and doesn't have to last forever.
I just want to believe it will.

For once in all these years,
I just want to savour,
how it feels to feel.

Get lost in something,
in someone,
And still yearn for more.

Have a thirst.
and see it quench
by nothing else
but the meagre presence of a person.

Like actually be able to enjoy the rain,
be able to saunter in thoughts,
be able to relate the lyrics of a song,
and even when things go wrong,
still have someone to keep you strong.

I want to have something to think about
when I wake up,
and  have someone come for me
when I don't .

Just be there for someone
and keep confessing to them,
that the only thing that binds me together
is their "ugliness charm" :))

You know,
I want to be mainstream for once
Have love to murmur between kisses.

Not think about anything else,
Except for togetherness.

Be inseparable for once.

Doesn't have to last forever
but I have a squeaky clean ache for it.

Just for once,
I want to smile from completely within
because someone glows to me.

"Today more than yesterday"
"Forever and always"
So as to say.

You know,
I want to be one of those-
cliche typical romantic couples from a movie.
Lost in each other,
only to find each other.

The only  difference
I wouldn't be acting.

I want to confront a room that lit up
just by someones entry.
Feel contended to the brim
just by someones feel.

Like actually not feel hollow for once,
and yet trigger a rhythm when knocked.

Be the someone, in someones life.
Hold hands and frolic,
as a single eternal supernova.

I know reality
and I know it doesn't work that way
but just for once
and only once,
I want to believe
I belong.
Ojaswee Das
Written by
Ojaswee Das  15/F/nepal
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