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Jan 13
The ocean is your love,
Not what you think at all,
And you’re an animal,
To choose to fly or fall.

A dove, so born, you be,
Safe in a nest well built,
No lean, nor slant, nor tilt,
The branches, leaves, all stiff,
Precarious on  - a cliff.

As far as you can see,
The ocean stretches out,
You might be one to doubt,
To jump into the wind,
And trust your fate destined.

Yet the farther now
You’re from ocean low
Deeper into love
Destined fall will prove.

Some learn to fly and glide,
Above the waters fierce,
Above the waves so soft,
Above the rising tide.

Yet should a storm loom near,
Its rain so sharp to pierce,
Even your wings aloft,
Would succumb to the fall you fear.

And as you fall, you think,
Why did I ever fear
To fall this dreaded fall
The wind does snear and leer,
But it does not hurt at all.

Indeed it feels, you think,
As though you have begun,
With heaven wings now new
A journey much more fast and fun.

And as the blue wide sea,
Comes flying fast at you,
You think that it must be,
All you’ve wished for too.

Sometimes the fall is different,
And starts with just a tumble down,
As though it weren’t first sight,
The accident of – a clown.

But in the end you splash,
And lunge, and plunge, and crash,
Into the water deep,
To hide the tears you weep,
Of joy and sorrow too,
For love has come to you.

You sink and watch the sea,
A fish of gold is there,
And asks you quietly,
To swim, oh, would you care?

And should you say “I do”
A bird no more you be,
To swim without air you,
In love, a fish must be!

From there you may not fall,
But that is what love is,
If there you cannot swim,
Things are not right at all.

The sorry sorry bird,
The tells the gold fish “Nay”,
Must struggle straggled up,
And climb up from a bay.

Onto land and back to life,
Of bird and gill-less soul,
You could not take the strife,
Of swimming in that blue sea bowl.

But hope is not yet lost,
You might fall down into
The sea once more again,
To feel the thrill of being two,
And losing wings is little cost.

You might afear the sea,
And climb up far above,
But high as you may be,
If once you miss a step and fall
You will fall deeper into love,
Then hadn’t you climbed at all.

But love is not the fall,
No – no – not at all,
The ocean is your love,
Are you a fish, or dove?
Written by
Philippa Pinnington
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