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Jan 13
an anonymous third party that, like privates,
can ***** your private thoughts; wet dreams
occurring outside of sleep, outside of your body;
the upcoming of one "E", e. cummings running
riverine as **** himself: the id made "real",
made real; a Rubicon worth a thousand pics.

a silent twang, words that twerk; incontinent
consonants, analinguists eating assonance eating
the asterisks in your asterisk for a condiment;
a shih tzu flu, eye contact done *******; for
man's best friend must turn her back to him--
looking upon him in the rearview, before leaving
him in the rearview, then looking upon him.

twatting: to take care of an abandoned *****
without regard for her emotional state, or to lust
elsewhere without any sense of shame; conversely,
"schmucking" (thanks to the Yiddish) for those
who will schmooze a poor schmoe with chutzpah.

outrage when we pollute the earth with plastics;
"liberation" when we pollute sexuality with ****;
lust when we adulterate our bodies with plastic

a nightmare of oxygen, for when we have faith
with a lowercase "f", we breathe unlife; "death"
excluding moral decay and celebrated, even,
as a rescue from sorrow; Deathscorts to help us
end our journey and, as if a *****, date our fate;

cataracts in the eyes of our skin, we hold blindly.
and lacking such insight for touch, we let go;
when a shatter reveals to us this fact, surprise.

a way to unhijack minds, from plastics to neuro-
plastics; a shiver of loneliness, when you can't stop
lying through your teeth, chattering them; phantom
limbs when we try to feel ourselves, so we ghost
ourselves and know our hypocrisy; phantom pain

when we "love" again, so we know we are not
loving again--and when we love, hurting enough
so that we may not give the moment away.
Written by
stylesclash  28/M/USA
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