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Jan 12
In the last year, I've grown so tired from struggling to
just survive In this world I've been left alone
When I think I'm turning the corner to making a go of things "wham hit again a bolt from the blue more demanding
More threats on top of the griefΒ Β I'm trying to deal with thought I was doing so well how foolish I was
to think
I was right all along this world Is to cruel
to even want to be part of
makes me wonder why life was ever started at all doesn't seem to have a place for me
In truth I don't think there ever was at such a low I'm going to have struggled so hard not sure
If I have that fight left In me anymore or more to the point I have to ask myself do I really won't
A very honest and truthful write of how I feel, more to point of this world and the way ordinary people like
myself are treated the disabled
homeless the poor how those In present government sleep at night Is beyond me one day there will be a reckoning they will answer
Johnny walker
Written by
Johnny walker  66/M/Grantham
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