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Jan 12
One of the most Absolutely mind shatteringly beautiful anythings anyone has ever or could hope to see.
With windows into the soul
that burn blue the way only the brightest stars can in purest of dark
The eyes of eternity staring back at you
You've been dealing with
something so beautiful it takes time to sink in.
You can't just look, one must also understand
And by that time it's too late.
The kind of pretty books are written about
Some kind of delightful faerie hallucination
In golden fields, laced with Starshine
Listening to the most beautiful music imaginable.
A place deep in the woods never seen by man.
The beauty of insanity which has never been touched
And knows naught of its own existence
In sadness, thunder rolling across dark plains
Casting rainbows in the far away
It's own kind of smile
Shadows cast in twilight by roses in the ponderance of a hope and a dream
Scents of sweet moonflowers and lavender dancing around your heart
As the light of the most perfect day under a sapphire lens lays precious lips upon memories of laughter and belonging
And whispers of reality...
The first time you ever...really saw the sky
And understood what you lack in perception
Truly beautiful.
Written by
Ike  38/M
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