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Jan 12
The tears drop, the anger had been let out, the stress and heavy weight where you’re just numb, not knowing what to do with yourself anymore. For you? I’d **** a mf in a heart beat, I’d take chances at heavy risk to be that person that you need me to be, I love you beyond my words that I cannot explain. Yes, it’s been 2 months but I heavily fwu and I don’t want to lose you ever. I don’t mean to smother you, I don’t mean to break you apart from what we have. All I want is for you to be happy, I’m tryna gather my life and same time tryna gather myself for the future. No, I will not dip out if I’m at my lowest.. overthinking everything, second guessing and etc. I just need you to know who you belong to, reassure me and make sure I’m well, as I do the same. I know ***** hard right now but I cannot imagine life without you, fwb, together, broken up or friendship wise. I couldn’t ever treat you like average, you’re my queen, mi novia, my life, my world, and everything else in between that. You deserve everything ****** possible to be happy, so does deryk. I knew that I had to make you mine the second I started coming to heidis for card nights, or going out. I knew **** well that we locked eyes, plenty of times but I wasn’t guna act on it until you did. Now here we are, and I cannot appreciate you enough. I love you so much Crystal, like it ****** shot me blind on how much I fell in love with you. You saved me from killing myself, not even 2 months ago. Kind of a blessing in disguise.
Vinny Chav
Written by
Vinny Chav  22/Minnesota
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