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Jan 12
Her sadness has overpowered her soul,
Her soul that was once a sky full of stars,
Became a sky full of scars.

Tired, Tired of hoping and everything
Couldn't sleep without begging,
Begging for redemption,
Because her soul was full of temptation.

"Sorry, I won't do it again"
That was her favorite line.
I couldn't bare listening at her all night,
Decided to knock at her door this time.

'Sorry, I am a sinner'.
A letter that she left at her desk,
Shocked of what I saw,
at that time I can feel her sorrow.

Her soul was full of sorrow,
Her heart was full of sadness,
That memory is hunting me again,
I'm sorry, I was too late to save you.
Written by
Mae  F/Philippines
   Em MacKenzie
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