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Jan 12
"You look fine"
That's what they say.
but I wake up every morning with a heavy feeling in my chest.
"You look fine" ,
But you don't know what's on my mind,
My mind is filled with dark thoughts.
And that dark thoughts became suicidal thoughts.
My sadness has overpowered my soul
My anxiety makes feel like a prisoner inside my own head.
A prisoner that can't get out .
My depression drags me to my bed.
Until my body makes me feel like I'm dead.
My heart is like a sponge squeezing by the dishwasher.
and it feels like every second I breathe makes me feel weaker.
They don't understand.
They don't know my pain.
A pain that won't end.
Because of this Chronic condition that doesn't have an end.
Written by
Mae  F/Philippines
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