My head spins,
My heart is tipsy
and all my feelings are behaving weirdly,
and here I stand, not knowing
the whats, the whens, the who's and the whys.
Round and round, here I go,
taking everything down in my way,
topsy-turvy along the windy path,
tripping down on the air, someone hold me,
I'm goin' to fall, with a big crash...
****, what a night was that.
Now as I wake up and then open my eyes,
I feel the pain as it hurts to see the light.
Bang and Boom, echoes my head,
so, so many regrets.
But after all, you are in my toughts,
again and again, as it was before.
Five bottles and some shots weren't enough to send you away,
and maybe I should had done that ****** ******,
oh well, the past is gone, as much as you are,
but I'm coming to you, I swear, my heart,
because to live without you is to wish to be away,
is to much to take, too much pain,
so I'm ending this, slowly and steady,
because I lack the guts to do it at once...
Pedro Vialle
Written by
Pedro Vialle  20/M/Brazil
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