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Jan 2019
Jan. 10 — 12:11 AM

Does my anxiety and depression make me an attention seeker? I don’t mean to be in the spotlight. I hate it. But I want someone to be close and deep.

Am I selfish for thinking about all of my daily issues?

Am I a coward for not being able to reach out? I don’t know how to. I never learned and was never taught.

Am I unwanted and unloved when I feel so alone? No one seems to really care.

Am I a fool for thinking gifts and words would mean so much to people when they are just materials? I thought that I would become closer, but it seems that I’m just a waste of time and energy.

Am I a ghost? Someone who is unseen and unknown by so many familiar faces.

Am I just making excuses?
Andrew Choo
Written by
Andrew Choo  20/M/Toronto, ON, Canada
(20/M/Toronto, ON, Canada)   
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