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Jan 10
Dear Mama,
You would pause throughout the days amidst the drama,
And talk to me about why we should persist and what’s gonna,
Come of all of this and then climb out of the abyss to forget papa,
And reminisce in incidents of our time in home and in the old Honda.

Dear Papa,
It’s been a very, very long time without you,
A month after you were married, who knew,
You would be buried after a pew, pew, pew,
Shot twice in the upper back and once in the head,
We saw he was black as he ran off, up ahead,
Of your falling attacked body, we yelled as you bled,
Landed on the silver cracked and red stained cement.

Dear Sis,
I know we both long for and miss,
The man who’s gone for the abyss,
So, I wrote a song in honor of his bliss,
Haven’t kissed him since the coffin,
Church surrounded in a foggy mist,
Skin cracked and wrinkled, yet softened,
He will never be forgotten.
Written by
Sketcher  17/M/Seattle, Washington
(17/M/Seattle, Washington)   
     Sketcher, Perry and Darrell Landstrom
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