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Jan 2019
He spend's all his day's alone in a room
Studying plans of thing's he might do
From chimney's to rooftops to floor's down below
He never quite know's where his plan's may go
He studies and read's and does arithmetic
Finding a floor plan yes one that will stick
And in all his studies he never will find a floor plan of reason
A floor plan of life
He simply forgets his wife and his kid's she cheated last summer
He neglected a bit
His children they cures they're mighty ill raised
But he does not care till his floor plan's are laid
From morning till night he'll sit all alone
Drawing and writing those plan's of his own
And when he has finished
He will look and will say
None of this happened in my plan's no not this way
But now don't you see that time is sure cruel
It will make all the wisest into a fool
and just like the architect you may make plan's
But they don't always work out
Not here in this land
Never make too many plan's they may not stick
Written by
E  After Life
(After Life)   
     Lala, Colm and JL Smith
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