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Jan 2019
In painting's we find a story that's told
Some of forgiveness some that are bold
But what we don't see is most important of all
That is the emotion that painted it all
Life is a canvas you paint it you're self
You are the artist who the canvas you're health
You learn from mistake's you cover them up
You try to repair with each stroke and each brush
Until then you find you're paint has wore thin
And just like a painting you can't start again
So you live with the mistake's that you have made
The one's that you thought we're better than clay
You built up you're kingdom
And you had it all
But painting's they fade when left on a wall
So now you have grown mighty weary and old
You're paint has now dried
You're story's been told
But be not in anger and be not fear
Cause just like a painting we are all right here
Though yes it is true that some other's are grand
Studied by scholars and gazed on by man
You're painting is special if only to you
So enjoy you're painting
It's painted for you
This is a metaphor for life
And I suppose death
It's a way of expressing how we are all
our own worst enemy
Written by
E  After Life
(After Life)   
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