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Jan 2019
Oh this beautiful life we live,
Where no one wants to give.
We take and take until we have no space,
No longer time for face to face.

What has the world become?
We dance to the beat of our own off beat drum.
We hide behind glass and mirrors,
With the opportunity to hide our fears.  

When did we get so blind?
The most beautiful thing is expressing your mind.  
Our eyes were given to see the truth,
Yet we have been lied to all of our youth.
Our mouths were meant to spread joy,
Yet we use words like a used up toy.  

How did we get so dumb?
Its as if our minds are dull and numb.  
We feed it with decietful stories.  
Ones that do not end in humanly glories.  
We obsess over the negative companents,
And leave no room for glorious moments.  

Who decided for us to become this way?
We are being strung along day to day
With no one to blame but ourselves.  
Weve put intuition and instinct on the lowest shelves.
We can now decide to excell,
No more hiding in a hollow shell.
We need to bring as much love as possible,
A love that is not tossable.

Where do we start?
We go before society fell apart.
But that moment in history has yet to exsist.  
We are the generation that the Earth has missed.  
We can finally be the first to bring unity,
Even though the world is about destroying community.  
We are the ones that need to rise above the chaos,
No one can stop us.  

Why should we care at all?
Because in our hearts is a call.
A call to be the ones who do not discriminate race or social standing.  
A generation where there is no branding.  
A human race, that finally understands what it means to be human.
There is nothing more to it.
#bethechange #loveeveryone #equality #newearth
Meredith Sjostrand
Written by
Meredith Sjostrand  24/F/Orange County
(24/F/Orange County)   
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