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Jan 6
Words are vile, manipulative.
Some say they have the power to change people.
Don’t you ever meet those people in their mid-40s suddenly **** bent on this Indian guru and what he talks about?
You see, it’s not the words that captivate the eyes of the millions, it’s the person who’s speaking them. Enunciating them with such authoritative tone, gravitating towards himself.
That’s the magician! The artist!
Same goes for the luxurious Fitzgerald and the troubled Hemingway, and why bland passages of Kafka have their own name : Kafkaesque.
You can’t stop them.
They’ll always buy the cover.
They don’t care about words until they have to appear brainy in front of their friends.
I mean whose gonna read this for example?
I’m no Bukowski!
I’m just a broke man, looking out the monotony of my city from this window,
Trying so ******* hard to paint my own dancing stars;
And I’m too scared to cut off my **** ear.
Written by
Aman Dahiya  21/M/Mumbai
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