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Jan 6
I told you all the time,
"I'm really sorry"
You never believe me.
Just like i never believed you,
When you said
"I love you"
"I care about you"
"I was worried"
"Please don't hurt yourself"
"You will get There!"

But maybe it was true,
Maybe you did care about me,
Maybe i was wrong,
Maybe i shouldn't have hurt you this way.

I'm sorry
But I can't
You tried
I'm sorry
For the wasted time
For the heartbreaks
For the sadness
For the anger and
For the lies

Believe it,
Or not
I'm sorry
But it's for you,
Because for this one time,
Probably my last,
I care.

I love you
Your Local Grocery Store
Written by
Your Local Grocery Store  Transmasculine/Mentally? Broadway.
(Transmasculine/Mentally? Broadway.)   
     Rizzwann, Butterfly, Alias and Ian Robinson
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