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Jan 2019
I did it again.
Now i have to clean the floor again.
I don't want my friends to see
The blood everywhere,
Me crying,
Torn apart letters from the times love still existed here.
Well, did it ever?
Maybe i should feel bad,
Lying to my friends.
A "Spill the tea sis" here
And a "Yeet hahaha" there
Some vines,
Some memes
Some weird TikTok's,
Or a crazy text.
And i look completely fine.
Or maybe i do always,
Been hiding the emotions for so long i wonder if i even have them nowadays.
I just say i am a bad person,
They will hopefully leave me to die.
But hey,
Maybe i actually am.
I don't know.
Joking through my life,
If i'm Lucky,
Life will turn into the biggest joke of them all.
This poem is about how you can make jokes and seem fine in front of everyone, while you're actually depressed and suicidal.
Your Local Grocery Store
Written by
Your Local Grocery Store  13/a threat
(13/a threat)   
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