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Jan 2019
Such bounds of treachery I-
Have never felt. No one
Should have to feel.
The element of trust
Set a blaze.
And then-
When one begins to reign their
Wrath, you make him look like
The Greater Of Evils.

You make him this way
With the everlasting betrayal,
You carry out so-

And he who has stopped his
Heart from beating,
Once, twice for someone else
Just for you. You
Make him out to be the-
Beast he is today.

Then you set sail to impale him.
Take his life when he only rains
Wrath to try to not feel the hurt,
The treachery against him.

That same beast once was family.
The beast you hunt,
Set aside his heart, his soul
And spirit for you.

Your safety, your guidance, your

And you have yet!  To
Show him the same love.
Slay him unknowingly once, thrice. Yet he forgives thee.
Call it a day and hug him
Forwards then impale
Such noble beast backwards.

Disgrace him no more,
Let him lay!
Decorate, go around,
Not his grave! Shed no
Tear for this is your doing.
Lie not to thyself. Act
Not a saint to the crime
You have committed.

Pray you die-
A death the pain-
Of ten thousand folds
Of what thy brother felt,
When you betrayed him,
Plotted against him,
Slayed him yourself.

Die with regret suffocating
You but shed not one

For you have earned this.
You deserve this.
Written by
Kyla Plummer  14/F/Jamaica
   --- and Neuvalence
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