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Jan 2019
Maybe it’s just me
But I once thought you were the sun bright, a necessity for living; you rode in the sky’s like Hera
your hair gliding, grazing the clouds as wisps of nothingness in which I found my everything, but like everything else, it would seem a mirage, fantasy portrayed in my head despite the words that you so redundantly speak with no fruition. I’ve supposed the end before, but like reincarnation there is no end for this heart seems to never get enough of the addicting pain that it is fed. So now what? Take a look. It has a name; we call it numb. A persona where I feel nothing and feel everything at the same time. I would have climbed the tallest tree for you. Took the bullet for you, for it seemed that cupped in your hands was me, the moon that orbits the sun. Except that now the sun has darkened with white lies, and more lies that I choose to ignore because just maybe....just maybe there’s something left of you that I can tether to. You give me moments. Such sweet moments, addicting, and poison after. But it seems you’re a mastermind at the game, for, whenever I muster the strength to speak you give me more candy and again, I am addicted. If I could I would jump in the ocean and drown to escape the pain you constantly give me; but let’s face it. No matter how much I say, think, or write, the cycle you’ve conditioned me to will win and I will choke in my own absolution, laced with withdrawal from you
Sad, depression, love, faith, happiness, family
Trelon Grant
Written by
Trelon Grant  19/M/Charlotte, NC
(19/M/Charlotte, NC)   
     sue, PoetryJournal and Fawn
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