Jan 2013

Look into my crimson eyes, they despise the suns glare,
they prove I am not human, and certainly not mere.

My teeth are as sharp as daggers and as white as an albino,
their unrelenting force is not to be matched by anything less than a rhino.

And speaking of force I have one unmatched,
t'is the sheer power and might of my cock thrusting thine ass.

If such a force could be measured it would be dubbed unstable,
last time I got it on I shattered a table.

Its sheer size would frighten most men,
but my father and uncle... they could fend off about ten.

I tried it one night with my brother in song.
His body was moist and his tongue was so long.

I slipped my sweaty hands through his crack,
and as time progressed I started fondling my sack.

I fisted him hard and broke through his rectum,
i'm getting ready to show this guy my full spectrum.

As we continued our adventure I felt something sublime,
I tried to pull it, but it felt like I was wasting my time.

But then it happened, I pulled with zeal,
and what hit the floor made me hunger for a meal.

T'was his prostate it felt ever so soft,
I ejaculated on it and licked it all off.

This is just a draft, I thought I would share it with you... just for a laugh :P
Written by
Ulfric Stormcloak  Skyrim
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