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Jan 2
New Year’s Day – The first time I’ve seen you in two years.

It’s funny, for two years, I never once thought about you.
You were never on my mind.
You were never considered.
I never fantasized about you.
I never dreamed about you.
But then I saw you.

Tall, fit, messy hair.
White tee, sweatpants, and a bit of scruff.
Seeing you like this, all grown-up, brand new
It made me mad.

I’m mad because for two years
Two whole years
I’ve said nothing.
Two whole years
I never reached out.
Two whole years
And now, I can finally see.

I like you. A lot.
And I think you might like me.
At least, I think you could like me.

But before things could start, they end.
I fly back to Chicago soon,
Who knows when I’ll be back.
You fly back to school soon,
Who knows when you’ll be back.
And yet, here I am, holding my breath.

**** my ignorance.
**** my bad timing.
**** my feelings for you.

**** you for looking so good in sweatpants.
Wish me luck
Lucas Pettinato
Written by
Lucas Pettinato  22/M/Chicago
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