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Jan 2013
Starry starry bright
Shines down upon me tonight
Catch the moon in distance sight
With promise of a dream I can't obtain

Patched across the sky
Looking down to me below
Will the truth be ever known
In my soul broken once upon a time

Now I still believe
That the day will finally come
That I"ll be sharing life with no one else
For only you I still will carry on
Till the day I finally
Rest my heart
In yours that wouldn't
Ever ever part

Starry starry bright
Flaming wonder to my mind
Gently ponder on my plight
To ne"er dissapointment
In my life

Shadows over me
Guard the one I hold to be
My saviour come so tenderly
To carry me home with a gentle smile

Now I still believe
That the heavens will conceive
This prayer I hold within just me
The love I now bind with only thee

That in the end
That's yet unknown
This journey I travel on my own
For I will never ever ever doubt
That as your guidance still will shine
That one day it will rescue me
From sorrow binding in my sanity

Till I live life in love eternally

Starry starry bright
Frederick le roux
Written by
Frederick le roux  M/south africa
(M/south africa)   
   Weeping willow, martin and Timothy
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