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Dec 2018
Moonbeam shining bright
Moonbeam playfully hiding
Power light
Hiding in planes fulfilling
Plain of sight
Laughing upon ears gone deaf
For imaginary and deafening frights
While love walks and talks upon the clouds with infinite heights
Fiegn not to note there is life
And life only
While ashes portend to be little more than stones already forming
We stand, praise, laugh sing and dance upon

There once was a girl
An imaginary twirl
Who takes unsuspecting men for a whirl
Who'll toils for life
Not suspecting the strife
Of taken by wife

Who's gone upon her show shine delights
You're only polishing the silver
She'll cut and use the glitter
Flit, fly flutter bye and buy
Upon her neighbors all
What steeper prices of greater
Treasures call

You'll toil as all is viegn
Till waning breathes are all
To each their own remains

You'll love that which is life
When she breathes, loves and dances
Upon the deadly fools of strife

There is joy for nothing less
She'll bring glory to every morning
For nothing less

While death comes even harder
Upon a players dying breath
Sa Sa Ra
Written by
Sa Sa Ra
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