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Dec 2018
i see the skyline shivering
and i know mama is crying somewhere secret & cold.
i know the trees are afraid
to speak. i hold out my palms
out of habit, not that i seek
gifts from her. my heart
feels heavy, a stone without
the hum of the mother.
i stamp my feet to the rhythms
i remember, to keep warm,
to hold myself together &
to stir the dust as it settles.
blowing out breaths, i listen
for the sound of the clouds
gathering like spectators.
i can run my fingers
through them like the ocean
waves, like hair untended &
heavy with loose curls,
the slightest resistance
in tangles of vapor.
everything is so alive
& i can taste the tang
of newness on the horizon.
sit back on your heels,
drag your feet if you will
but she is coming,
the fiery sun & mild moon
are waiting for her return.
years peel off the surface of
her skin like birch bark,
and the turning of the earth
exposes the next layer
of greatness. bless up,
mama, i'll wipe your tears
& pray at your feet.
31 dec 2018.
release all that is unhealthy, let the tide carry your heart into her hands. be washed by the rain & watch as the sun meets the ocean's surface. another year has peeled itself away, crumbling into time to be a memory. let the stars fall to her feet & everything will be new. say your goodbyes to this year, my loves <3
Written by
mariamme  19/hsv, al
(19/hsv, al)   
     Graff1980, Medusa, Fawn and ---
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